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Amy Powell Art

Artist Amy Powell has been creating for nearly 20 years.  Most of her work has been created using oil paint, but she’s known for her intentional experimentation and is always evolving.  Among her paintings, you can find a variety of portraits and animals as well as an array of abstract work. Her most recent creations have moved into an illustrative vein.  

Amy’s art is all about expressing the depth of human emotion.  Whether it’s a figure that depicts sorrow or mirth, or a non-subjective piece conveying grief and hope, she uses each brushstroke as an expression of her heart.  Her themes are most commonly feminine energy and the serenity of nature. There is a story behind every piece, but also room for the viewers’ experiences to be brought alive as well. When asked about the inspiration behind a piece, Amy prefers to hear the story that the viewer wants to tell.  She loves to feel the connection between herself and her audience when they bond with a piece.

Because of this, Amy loves collaborating with her collectors to create pieces that speak to their particular experiences.  If you have an idea you'd love to see brought to life, please reach out and connect! 

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